Etmaal 22
Dag van de Communicatiewetenschap

It has been a bit more than 4 months since we held the online edition of the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. On September 9th we’re hosting the 2nd part of this year’s Etmaal, this time in real life, in the heart of Brussels.

On September 9, in collaboration with the different Etmaal divisions, we’re organizing a full day of workshops, seminars, PhD poster sessions and panel discussions. Two larger events, closely linked to the conference theme, are taking place in the morning and afternoon: The Streaming Europe symposium, bringing together policymakers, industry and academia on the impact of streaming platforms in Europe, and a news debate on the pressure on media pluralism following large scale concentration in the news media industries in Belgium and the Netherlands. The day will close in the afternoon with some words from the organizers and a closing talk by artist, public speaker, performer and tech enthusiast Dries Depoorter. Other sessions include:

  • Social Media and Science communication: During the session, three speakers will shed light on the role social media can play in science communication. The speakers will discuss questions such as whether social media can help users understand the role science plays in tackling societal problems, if and how users can contribute to dealing with controversies in science, whether social media can reduce or increase polarization about important science topics, and more.

  • Communicating Covid? Two sessions bringing together perspectives from health, organizational and political communication, offering top speakers and allowing junior and senior research experts to discuss their work.

  • Research Escalator for doctoral students: a poster colloquium organized by the Media Psychology division for doctoral students

  • Discovering diversity in reseach and beyond: a session bringing together civil society organizations and academia on researching diversity, hosted by the Intercultural Communication and diversity division

  • Opportunities and challenges in human-machine communication: a session focusing on introducing the topic of human-machine communication and to discuss opportunities and challenges, and more specifically the mechanisms that govern our responses to these new technologies, both in academia and society as a whole.

  • Happiness in journalism: a panel that explores those factors but especially the ways in which journalists, news organizations, and practitioners in the field of journalism studies and education are addressing them in ways that acknowledge and support journalists.

  • Practicing (academic) kindness: A session devoted to sharing and encouraging practices around academic generosity and kindness in academia. 

On September 8th, the Flemish Media literacy institution Mediawijs will also host two events, aiming to connect scholars in the fields of video game industry (in collaboration with the video games association in Flanders) and an event focusing on media literacy research.