The ‘Dag van de Communicatiewetenschap’, part of Etmaal22, will be hosted at the the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, an iconic institution in the historical heart of Brussels and the largest and most popular collection of museums in Belgium. The conference rooms are divided over the different floors of the 5 museums. 


No need to register anymore, since you’re automatically registered and paid when registering earlier for the online conference. Simply fill in the Google form you will receive by email for access to the conference, dinner… and dancing. 

Entrance and registration on the day will take place at the Museumplein Entrance (which you can find on your right side, once you’ve exited the Kunstberg/Mont des Arts). 

NB: If you are not be able to attend the conference on September 9th, you have the possibility to transfer your ticket to a colleague in your institution that had not registered for Etmaal 2022. If this is the case, please contact


The dinner will take place at the Royal Arts Museums, in the main ‘Forum’ (entrance via Koningsplein/Place Royal). We’ll be dining in a fantastic main hall of the museum, amidst neo-classical architecture and grand paintings and sculptures.

After dinner, we’ll head to Plein Publiek, also located on the Kunstberg, a nightlife hotspot, for drinks and dancing.


All venues are just a few minutes walking from the train station ‘Brussel Centraal’. 

The Kunstberg site is located in the heart of Brussels. Many other vanues, museums, ‘Manneke Pis’, the Royal Palace and the Grand Place are located in walking distance from the site. The area has plenty of hotel in different price categories. We have collected suggestions on this website. 

More info:

We will do everything to ensure that the premises and collections are accessible for all visitors, including people with disabilities. Please notify us via

Possible accommodation options

Our organising team has curated below a list of hotels on the basis of positive previous experiences, combinations of price arranges, availability of rooms, proximity to the venue and ratings on booking sites. You can also consult their location on the map page.

Rue de la Régence 3
1000 Bruxelles

All venues and suggested hotels are just a few minutes walking from the train station ‘Brussel Centraal’.